Our Approach

We knew there was another more agile way that agencies could operate. Our solution connects you to extraordinary talent in a transparent way by hand-picking your team who will capture your vision and deliver exceptional design.

Working with a design collective that has a wealth of experience across a multitude of disciplines creates a dynamic that gives us an agility to ensure you get cost effective, best in class results.

An image from the farm shop at The Newt in` Somerset, a project that Field completed in 2019, alongside our sister design and build contractor, Resolution Interiors. There are plants in vintage green vases, resting on the worktop, next to a butler sink.

A little about us…

As a sister-brand grown from a retail and commercial fit-out specialist you can trust in our 22 years of experience to ensure that our ideas and designs are rooted in pragmatism and can be achieved in real life.

We recognise that not one size fits all. As an agile agency with a multi- disciplined Collective we shape our services to fit your project, your way.

No matter where you are on your journey, you can rely on us to assemble an extraordinary design team with the right tools, who are ready to fulfill your vision.

Tell us about you

Leading the field

Field hand-picks the finest talent and skills specific to your needs and fosters collaboration to deliver the optimum solution.

Over the last few years we have formed partnerships with a collective of independent creatives that have deep-rooted expertise spanning a wide range of disciplines gained from working with brands across the world.

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What we do…

Field is a creative design service that delivers the very best user experiences and brand environments.  

Being in the field and free from hefty overheads, allows us greater agility and flexibility in our pricing structure, enabling you to realise cost effective solutions. Transparency in our approach creates greater financial freedom to ensure every penny of your investment works smartly on the things that make the difference to you.  


How we do it…

Through research, insights, and a deep understanding of your brand & its goals audience we can create hand-pick the perfect team to deliver your goals and create engaging environments for your brand to operate.

We will level with you, quite literally, we like to be on the same page, talk the same talk and walk the same walk. We are honest, approachable, straight-talkers, that creatively, sustainably and collaboratively seek to design better.

Our Collective

Why us…

What better way to share an insight into the way we work and the successes our clients have enjoyed, than to let our clients do the talking…. 

Field was born out of a passionate belief that there was a different way to realise innovative design; by creating greater freedom for designers but most importantly our clients. One that delivers their early promises and vision with tangible results.

Our process is transparent, no smoke and mirrors – just good honest work, by extraordinary individuals.

Our pragmatic approach, blended with our experience and talented collective allows you to realise practical, cost effective, and best in field results.