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Emma has spent most of her career so far working for global brand, Lush. As Lead International Designer she was responsible for communicating the creative thinking into all corners of the globe. After delivering the Lush Flagship Store in Tokyo, Emma was keen to move onto the next challenge and explore new beginnings.

Field was born out of an understanding that there is another way for agencies to operate, more creative freedom for designers but most importantly the clients. Emma is passionate about collaboration and knows this is a winning formula when it comes to design success. As a collective we strive to be one-step ahead, challenging, and questioning the why – resulting in some truly unique and extraordinary projects.

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Charlotte’s passion for beautiful spaces was rooted at our sister-company. Working alongside some incredible international brands to bring their vision to life across the world never tires. Every client, and project is just as exciting, and full of unique challenges as the next.

Unfortunately, Charlotte has seen too many brands get burned, and rather than simply waiting in the wings ready to pick up the pieces she wanted to provide something different, so that clients could appreciate that there is another way! One that sees their early promises and vision, realised. Without excuses, without compromise, without a mask – just good honest work, by extraordinary individuals. A solution that does what it says on the tin.

It all begins with an idea. Whatever it is, let us help you design your story – it can make all the difference.

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