Project Description

Building trust

Local and at the heart of the community for 250 years, Bradfords needed to increase their connection between the brand and their customers in order to help balance between trade and retail without elevating one core groups needs over the other.

Bringing their expertise, knowledge and credible reputation to life was our brief.

Services: Brief, Creative Design, Graphics & Brand Messaging, Technical Design, Space planning, Roll Out Scalability, Manufacture, Installation & Build
Designer: Field & Resolution Interiors

A series of clear zonal destinations along a unified physical path that forces direction for clarity. Each zone showcasing products available in a simplistic style.

Local & Approachable

A warm welcome.

Bradfords now grab their customers by the hand (not literally!) and make them feel at home. Offering them a cup of coffee, and some advice from experienced trades persons. Equally those who are confident can shop at their own pace making use of physical and digital aids as they need

Authentic & Experienced

In order to further cement their credibility, we knew that it was important for the product range and brand partners to amplify the brand promise. Carefully selecting and smartly articulating elements such as tool demonstrations, technical design studio services and product libraries sees Bradfords outweigh their competitors.