Project Description

Italy >> London

A super food bar and yoga studio in the heart of Oxford Street: the brands first UK location. We were tasked with taking this Italian brand’s clear identity and extending the image and product line within the space to represent the companies values.

Services: Brief, Creative Design, Graphics & Brand Messaging, Technical Design, Manufacture, Installation & Build
Designer: Field & Resolution Interiors

Introducing complementary products such as the Yoga Studio, takes the health food bar experience to the next level.

Part of a movement, a shift

Açai Sisters adapted their messaging to offer real life events relevant to their audience. Appreciating the values and lifestyles of their customers, we were able to create a stronger customer loyalty to the brand.

This space has become a venue for people to complement their quality of life.

Offline & Present

We have taken the physical traditional experience to the next level. No matter the industry, utlising space that brings people together, is something that the online world can not touch.

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