Project Description

Proud to be ‘Made In England’

With four routes to market (from outlet stores to international exports across 35 different countries) Original Style really do cater for the masses. Their range of ceramic, mosaic, stone and glass tiles are all carefully selected for their design and aesthetic appeal giving them one of the strongest ranges of product in the UK.  Our brief was to bring to life a blue-print for their final route to market: retail stores.

Services: Creative Design, Store Audits, Market Research, Visual Merchandising, Technical Design, Manufacture, Installation & Build for Roll Out.
Designer: Something Yellow, Field, & Resolution Interiors

Original Styles’ broad range of product means that they can genuinely offer whatever their customers require. Knowledgeable staff guide customers through what can be a complex choice.

Finalist of the Interior Design Awards 2017

Curation of parts

Partnered with the show stopping tile wall where customers can touch, play and create their own mood boards is the consultation area. These benches allow an informal collaborative approach with clients, where together with their Tile Experts, they can start pulling together the various tiles, mosaics, trims and grouts, together with fabrics and paints to see their project start to take shape.

Inspiring the customer

It was clear from the beginning that inspiring the customer and showing them ‘what they could achieve’ was a very smart, and successful way to encourage them to buy products. As a result, our biggest challenge was to crib the sheer volume of product on display and create a flexible system that allowed the store staff to readily change the space and create their own room sets. Our designers blended aspiration permanent statement pieces with changeable wall panels to promise simple flexibility.

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