Project Description

St Albans Cathedral

As part of the renovations that began back in 2016, we were commissioned to design the interior for a new gift shop and welcome desk to be sat within the Cathedrals Welcome Centre, in a way that told the story of the building in a more beautiful and interesting way.

Services: Brief, Creative Design, Technical Development, Prototyping, Manufacture, Installation & Build
Designer: Field & Resolution Interiors

Located in the heart of St Alban’s town, only 20 miles from the centre of London you will find this magnificent cathedral steeped in history.

Sympathise & Harmonise

The centre has been built on the side of the cathedral which has created a beautiful backdrop which can be seen behind the shelving units pictured below.

Sophisticated materials were used to ‘sympathise & harmonise’ the Grade I listed building, and Schedule Ancient Monuments Cathedral together with the new Welcome Centre.

Flexible & Classic

Changing visitor needs and seasonal displays required the design team to always have flexibility in mind, whilst retaining a classic historical feel throughout.

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